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Who is Johny Lutogo?

Johny Lutogo is an 23 year old visionary, 8 figure scampreneur, author, Professor, international keynote speaker,life coach, self help guru, Mass Communicator and social media influencer at TikTok. Johny has accomplished everything that no other johny (except a bald one) would ever imagine. He is here to change this fact. He want all other Johnys and non-Johnys be equally rich, successful and shining like him. He is the 23 year old coach who has found all the answers to the life and will give those answers to you for free. He is the co-founder of a LMAO company that has 70,000 students, reaches 12 million people a month online and is evaluated at $7-12 million dollars. Proof? The proof is "He Never Lies". Johny was voted in “The Top 10 Most Motivational Creatures on the Planet.” as well as “The Top 20 Entrepreneurs Under 23” by his sister's website.

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What is better than the car you see in your RIGHT side? "Knowledge".
Although I am not after Cars, Bungalows and things like that. They keep coming to me. This is not the only car I have, I have a whole collection of similar cars. Some are in PNG and some in JPEG. In my next webinar, I will teach you exactly how I got to manage those things. The Webinar is FREE of cost.. You don't have anything to loose. I know you have a ton of idle time so loosing time is out of context.


Why I created this? There are lots of ScamPreneurs who are selling dreams and hopes to vulnerable people. Ignorance and lack of knowledge of people is exploited by such flashy coaches and gurus. I am creating videos and a database of exposed false claims, scam businesses, ponzi schemes and similar stuffs. If you like the idea and have any thoughts on how this can be done at as scale please feel free to message me at arjun @ bizsewa . com. This is an initiative and I am looking for collabs. Our Niche is : "Fake Gurus and businesses"